Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend Highlights

Some goodness from a reasonably quiet weekend...
Catch up lunch with some of the retired ACS crew, Mavis, Kara and Melissa.
And I finally got to meet Kara's fam, Leland and baby Maddy. SO CUTE!
Raf's back to baking. YAY! I told him that Julia's boyfriend, Chris, started making bread, so I think he felt the need to stay on top of his skills to maintain the master bread maker reputation. :)
How good does that look?!?! (Tastes better, btw.)
Little bit of sewing.
Little bit of Bumble.
And look! The Hub installed a new fan in the living room.It looks so nice! Especially because it's one less hole in the ceiling. Yay!


Vicki said...

love it! Great job Raf!! xxooxxo

Beth said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that fish fabric! I have about 6 big plastic tubs of sewing "projects" started but we are limited by our fabric choices up here. Do you have any good fabric sites?