Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Keeper

Yesterday, as Raf was heading out to grab some groceries, I asked him to add ice cream to the list. He said no. Some crap about how I was sick and shouldn't eat sweets and how he knew I couldn't resist if it was in the house. Some days I don't like him very much.

I was feeling especially spiteful after dinner tonight (I'm much less sick today and there would be no holding me back from a bowl of green goodness). Then I opened the freezer and found this. I guess maybe he's a keeper after all.

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Jordan said...

So my sister is posting about ice cream on 4/20. >.>

Anonymous said...

Every now and then I get it right...must have been Lana that talked me into picking it up anyway :)

SmithSaddleBags said...

He was really just being diplomatic...what he was actually telling you was to lay off the junk food - tubby!