Saturday, July 31, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 203 (July 23rd)

Still loving our new bathroom. And this soap! They are cute little handmade French goodies--a gift from Louisette. What is it about French soaps smelling so incredible? I have soap-maker jealousy. Which reminds me--I need to look up some instructions for making French-Milled soaps...

The 365 Project: Day 196 (July 16th)

It doesn't look like much, but today was a GOOD day--we're back to sleeping in our master after months in the guest room. Hallelujah! You wouldn't believe how much I've missed you, Pillow Top.

The 365 Project: Day 195 (July 15th)

Is it just my imagination, or does it look like I'm starting to prepare meals fit for children a little early? Oh well, practice makes perfect, I suppose.

The 365 Project: Day 194 (July 14th)

Doing his best thinking. Just kidding! He's working on the installing the TP ring.
And look, a mirror! Gotta love all these finishing touches. (Btw, I use the term "finishing" quite loosely with regards to this room!)

The 365 Project: Day 193 (July 13th)

Obviously, just because I was off vacationing in Portland, that doesn't mean Raf wasn't still working his little tushie off at home. By the time I got back, all the wall paneling was up, and he was in the process of getting the plumbing to the toilet and sink working.
Yay! Starting to look like a real bathroom, don't you think?

Monday, July 26, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 192 (July 12th)

On my way home, I made a quick stop to visit my (super pregnant) cousin, Lindsey. I got to stop by their house and see the adorable nursery--so cute!
She was ready to pop when I saw her--it was just 10 days to her due date. But no baby yet! Can't be too much longer--can't wait!

The 365 Project: Day 191 (July 11th)

Were you curious about what I could possibly have spent 4 hours at the Fabric Depot shopping for? Well, here's the stash! I know, it probably doesn't look all that impressive for the time spent. But remember, I'm very indecisive! And picky. And it normally takes me ages to match up fabrics for one belly blankie, let alone 7! Not to mention all the random extras. If only I'd been keeping a list of all the projects I've been wanting to work on, and what fabrics they require. Since I didn't, I'm planning to keep tabs on their $6.99 sales and heading up to Portland for mini getaways a couple times a year!

Wanna see the in-law apartment we rented? It was super cute and cozy. I've been on a mission to find quality places to stay through VRBO for $100 per night. So far, so good! Headed to Portland? Check it out here.
Lovin this dresser!
Took a shot of the tower in the shower nook for Raf. It works, but not as well as a nice built-in would. :)
Gotta love the electric green color on the house! And the great back yard and patio area.
We met up with Cory for one last meal on Sunday morning before heading back to Coos Bay. He chose the Hot Cake House. It's hit-the-spot diner style food. And it's open 24 hours, so as long as you can deal with the line at 3am, I'm pretty sure it'd be a great place to grab a late night bite. I think Mom might use Cory as an excuse to go back to Portland for another plate of loaded hashbrowns soon!

Somebody looks hungover! And it's not the chunky girl.
Thanks for coming with me, Mom! I had a blast!

The 365 Project: Day 190 (July 10th)

Portland Day 2 started off with a visit to the Saturday Market. It's chock full of handmade goodness, so I was struggling to keep my wallet in my purse!
But really, the best part was lunch! I had a few bites of my mom's fresh burrito, but was really most excited about this overflowing bowl of fruity tastiness!
Cutest coach we've seen yet!
We tried to survive the line at VooDoo Doughnuts, but it was too long, too hot, and was not moving! Oh well, at least I have great doughnuts at home!
Side note: RAF! I love this door! Go! :)
After our leisurely morning at the Market, it was time to get serious. I had discovered that "the largest fabric store in the nation", the Fabric Depot, is in Portland. Obviously, this was not to be missed! And thank goodness we didn't, this place is like the Costco of fabric!! And get this--they were having a SALE! Not just any sale--all quilting cottons for $6.99/yard...and NO TAX!!! AHHHH! System overload! Seriously. We spent 4 hours (FOUR HOURS!) at this place! And my mom hasn't quilted in a decade. Which means that was all me. Woah. It was so exhausting....and worth every minute!
Starving and completely spent, we headed out to pick up my little brother (who had just flown in from SF after a long day of spending his per diem at the bar!) We got the tour of the yard at his new place, egg laying hens, garden, and freshly dug compost pile included. (I love Portland! Seriously, a house full of young party boys with chickens?!!?)
Cory took us to this cool local fast food joint, Burgerville. They're all over Portland. They look just like your run of the mill fast food place, drive through and all. But they source their foods locally, they serve what's in season, they even compost. Pretty sweet. And the coolest part? They print out the calorie/fat information for each item, and totals for each individual, right on the receipt! This is where I learned that I really need to give up the strawberry shake addiction once the baby's born.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 189 (July 9th)

Both of our days in Portland were chock full of on-the-go goodness. Friday began with a visit to Stumptown Printers, where I source the holders for the hand-stamped monogrammed CD holders I sell on Etsy. It was nice to stock up without having to pay for shipping, and super fun to see what their print house was like. It's tiny, and the front room is full of their graphic goodness. They also have a collection of samples of what people have done with their blanks, including the one above--intense!
We headed up to Mississippi Avenue to find a baby store, but we set out to find some lunch first, of course!
We ended up at a tasty little hole in the wall, Por Que No? taqueria. I got this mixed bowl of dipping goodness, with a strong glass of Jamaica, toned down with some fizzy water. (Can you see the original glass there on the left? It's almost black!)
Although I was tempted by the 17 different roach coaches on this street (and everywhere in this city!) Doesn't a waffle sandwich and ice cream sound yummy?!
After lunch, we cruised back towards the baby store, with ample stops along the way. First up was the Rebuilding Center. This place is HUGE! It's basically a resale center for salvaged building supplies. But it's way more than that. It's pretty awesome. And it's beautiful! This is part of the fence outside.
And this is one of the entryways. Crazy!
The coolest part was the ReFind Furniture store inside. They have so many great examples of how to repurpose the old supplies--they even have classes!
I clearly need to learn how to make my own picture frames.
And I'm totally smitten with this cleaned up window, transformed into a mirror! We have 3 huge frameless mirrors lying around the house and I'm now dying to figure out how to cut them to fit in an old window. I think Dad even saved a couple of his old storm windows for me!
Gorgeous. (But about the same price as my Crate & Barrel favorite!)
Mom's favorite--super fun! This place really was incredible. Maybe I should open one in the Bay. :)
Another stop included an unexpected baby store find. Super cute stuff, including these bibs, which I really need to make. And mom bought a rolling duck on a stick for the baby--it's seriously the cutest toy I've ever seen!
And we finally made it to Black Wagon, the baby store we originally came to visit! It's a great little shop, full of wooden toys and beautiful books--just what I needed to ease into baby shopping craziness! We picked up a couple locally made wooden rattles, and I even added some items to my very first online baby registry after we got home. Their stuff is just too cute to miss!
Whew! Tired yet? This was only Day 1!