Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bitty Update

Curious what the little one has been up to lately? A little of this, a little of that...
 ...adopting cloth napkins as the BEST.TOY.EVER!
...making early fashion statements. Stylish? Maybe. But not nearly as cute as when she was running around naked after her bath last night and brought me her boots to put on!
...checking out Christmas photos while mama sews. The dogs were especially popular. (She climbed into the chair on her own, btw.)
...dragging around her favorite quilt.
...exploring sunlight and shadows.
...and wedging herself into really tight spaces! 


Jordan said...

She is so cute. The mismatched shoes remind me of her Auntie. The pic where she's wedged in between the dresser and trunk reading is the cutest thing ever, and my new desktop background.

Anonymous said...

So VERY cute!! & precious... I miss her SO much! and yes, she does remind me of her Auntie! In the shoe dept anyway! Uncle Cory squeezed into small spaces..... :) xox

Jim said...

Wedging between the chests -- WONDERFUL.

Children are amazing!