Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh Anthro!

I love the current front page of the Anthropologie website. Unfortunately it won't copy correctly. Here's part of it:
The overall look of the montage is a great tone of red--which we're considering for the wedding. I especially love the color on the sash of the folded up dress in the middle of the (full) photo.

While we're on the topic of Anthro, the Bridal Brigade, and dresses--here are a few I've enjoyed perusing over the past few months: Calliope, Saxifrage, and Natural Sunlight (loving the idea of a slate gray right now too--especially with this token *yellow* sash!)


Jordan said...

I like the red and the grey designs. Not a big fan of the blue design. It's still cute but I like the other two better!!

Julia said...

I agree with Jordan, all 3 dresses are awesome, but the red and the grey are SO cute!