Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's December 20th and I have gathered all of ZERO gifts. This is how I'm feeling about gifting this year:

Horrible, I know. Right? It feels that way, until I remember this incredible little video I first discovered last year. Kaylie recently re-sent it to me, and I really appreciate the reminder--especially this time of year. Helps me feel like less of a scrooge! I know 20 minutes is a lot of time, but trust me, The Story of Stuff is worth every second.

Here's a tiny teaser for you. But don't wimp out--click on the link above and watch the whole thing. Watch it with your family.

I'm really impressed by Raf's family. This year they decided to do Christmas Secret Santa style with whomever will be there on Christmas Eve--turns out just the 5 of them. So they each drew a name, have a limit, and received a wish list for their person. Love it. I've been wanting to encourage my fam to do this for a couple years, but figured it wouldn't fly with my mom. I just can't picture her not spoiling everyone.

I mentioned it this year and Mom suggested we at least try it with the siblings--good idea, but I was too late in the game for this year. And it would still leave out a whole lot of other fam there on the day (that I may still feel obligated to shop for). I think I may try to push it earlier next year though. I had also read about a family that did gifts Secret Santa style with a twist--in addition to having a $ limit, the gift either had to be handmade (not necessarily by the giver) or second hand. Love it even more!

The one concept that still gets me excited about gift giving, despite my current Scrooge-like demeanor, is the Handmade Pledge.

I was fully hoping to be on top of it this year, but again--it's December 20th and I have neither completed a single handmade gift project, nor do I have time to shop and ship from the wonderful Etsy. What to do, what to do...

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Danielle said...

Ok my family does the secret santa thing because there are four of us kids! Which i think is a wonderful idea right? but then in the end i just end up buying everyone gifts anyways! So it was kind of pointless :/