Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Birthday I Plan for Myself

...shall include a stay here--the Bear Valley Inn B&B, along the Point Reyes National Seashore. Here's your link, Bubba. :)

I can't wait to get back to Point Reyes. Top thing on the To Do list? Eat. A lot. I'm thinking about starting a fast now, just so I can really appreciate it once I'm there. But who am I kidding, the food here doesn't require fasting to earn appreciation. I feel like Point Reyes is the mecca of Slow Food. It's Slow Food without trying. And it's oh-so-good!

I'm just bummed we're missing Farmer's Market by one weekend. I keep reading about the best grilled cheese sandwich ever made (sold by a Farmer's vendor) and I'm already salivating. Guess it'll have to wait til next summer.

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Valerie said...

So were you thinking you'd be posting to this blog again any time soon? I mean, with all that spare time you have now that you're not wedding planning and all... ;-)