Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kitchen Table

L-O-V-I-N-G this idea from November's Martha. Just because it's in this woman's basement doesn't mean it can't work in my dining room!

I really want Dad to build us a kitchen table, but first I have to find a design I like, then I have to convince him he can do it, then I have to wait for him to make one for himself first. Oy!

A painted picnic table sounds like a pretty amazing (cheap), temporary (like 3 years) fix to me. Sold!


Jordan said...

I hope it doesn't take you long to eat because benches are terrible for your back. You hunch over. I use a stool at my computer and my back starts hurting after 10 min. I'm just too cheap to buy a computer chair. Actually, maybe I'll go thrift one this weekend. Other than that, really cute idea. Just don't let Cory help you paint it. He'll paint his half AND your half blue, even though half of it is clearly supposed to be pink.

Smith - chiropractor said...

I love idea. I'd do mine a hella gaudy color, or maybe just sunshine yellow. Benches will promote good posture, cushions can be found hella cheap if needed.