Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 59

Remember that adorable little layer of greenery (weeds) I told you about recently? Yeah, not so adorable anymore. There's been a new kid on the playground and he's big and mean and ugly. He's grown to a good 2-3 feet after coming out of nowhere. Of course. And he's pushing out all my cute clover filled flowery weeds. Bully.

So, I finally started doing some pulling on Sunday. Unfortunately, the stalks are super weird. Kinda like seaweed or something. So they just break off above ground, rather than being able to pull up the roots. Uber Bully!! This was the pile I accumulated after an hour or so. Which was maybe half of what was growing in the middle circle...not touching the forest you see towering behind the pile.

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