Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 162

Fam is here and work has begun! Raf's mom is in charge of painting the baby room. This woman is one efficient master painter!

The pictures are no good, but you get the idea. With flash:
Without flash:
I love, Love, LOVE it! The color is so perfect. Every time I walk by I get a huge smile on my face. And, as you can see, Dad is already working on the moulding, which makes it look even more fabulous! YAY!!!

Now we just need to track down some furniture. I've decided to go with blonde wood baby furniture, to match the Ikea Poang Rocker with Red cover that's calling my name. :)

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Julia said...

Hey, Chris and I aren't sure we can fit my rocking chair... so if you want mine on loan for a year or 2, you're welcome to it! The only bad part is that the cushions are a bit old looking... but you're welcome to come take a 2nd look. And Ikea is right down the street in case you decide not to take it :)