Thursday, March 24, 2011

6 months!

This week, our Little Bit turned 6 months old. I know every mom says this, but I can't believe she's that old already! I have flashes of sitting on the couch with Raf saying, "I can't believe she's 16! It seems like just yesterday..." It's like your life rockets into warp speed when you have kids. Maybe because you have something so tangible to measure the time with as you watch their growth? I don't know, but it blows my mind!

How about some updates...
• She's by far the cutest baby to ever walk (well, roll across) the face of the earth.
• She still has the best abs in town from her constant crunches. These attempts to sit up haven't proven successful just yet, but when you offer her your hand, she grabs ahold and springs right up and can sit on her own for a good long while.
• She's starting to add consonants to the vocab. G and a wet, cheeky Sh come to mind.
• She's got rhythm. Bang bang banging. Kick kick kicking. Controlled and consistent. Super cute.
• She likes to hang out in her bumbo seat and throw her toys while watching me work in the kitchen. I like the scream-free company, even if it means retrieving toys every 30 seconds.
• I've started getting early versions of an opened mouth kiss. Melts my heart.
• Sometimes she gags so dramatically when we feed her avocado that she turns purple. Other times she's happy as a clam about her baby guac. Drama queen.
• She's becoming quite the skilled little sleeper! (knock on wood!) It's amazing how full nights of sleep can make everything right in the world, just like that.

Have I mentioned that we just LOVE her?! Can.not.get.enough.

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Jim said...

Brazilians feed their kids avacado juice (smoothie, really) or avacado pudding. Down here it is a sweet food, not savory. Luiz remembers being sent off to school in the morning holding half an avacado in the skin, topped with a sprinkle of sugar, with a spoon.

She's so big!


brooke said...

Oohhh I'm jealous of those little Brazilian babes and their access to softball sized avocados!