Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chickens in the Junk Mail

You know that there's progress in the eat local/grow your own food movement when the full front page of a sales ad in the weekly junk mail circular is covered in chickens! It's not quite as sweet of a deal as could be found in The Coos while I was visiting (free chick weekend at the grange), but for an urban area, I'm still impressed.

One of these days I would like to welcome a few laying hens to the backyard, but it'll have to wait. The priority this year is getting some veggies in the ground!

In the meantime, I'll keep asking Beve and Ginge to raid the henhouse on my behalf when we're visiting. These beauties are tasty!

I've been going quiche crazy to use them up. I don't hear anyone complaining!

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Jordan said...

I want chickens too SO badly. I've done a ton of research and you can have 3 hens in your yard in Boise. I'm sure it'd be cool here but I want to wait until the landlord loves me even more before I ask. Plus, we have all kinds of moving in stuff to do still, chicks can wait another year. I used to housesit for a couple with a giant garden and chickens. The fresh eggs were awesome as were the veggies. Right now I'm experimenting with green onions.

lindsey said...

yeah for chickens! our chicks are about ready to move out into the coop!