Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Room Makeover: In Progress

"But the room is done!!", you protest. Yeah yeah, but I still need to get some pictures in the daylight, so for now, you get an in-progress teaser. 

This was, by far, the fastest big project Raf and I have completed on this house. We made our first trip to Ikea about a month ago, for brainstorming purposes. By the following weekend we were back to make our final design decisions and make our purchases. In the middle of the next week, the pieces were delivered, and that same weekend we completely overhauled the family room! Go us! 

This past weekend, we applied most of the finishing touches to the craft and storage areas. That's not to say that all the finishing touches are complete in the room--we still have moulding to paint and hang, tape to remove, and a TV and entertainment center to purchase...but let me tell you, it looks NOTHING like it did two weeks ago!!

Here are some shots of our process...

We tested no less than 9 paint colors. Yes, NINE. We're crazy, and indecisive, and disagreeable like that. 
Getting ready for paint. 
Hmm, I think I like the blue, Mom. No, the other blue. No, no, the OTHER blue!!

Raf had to remove this old AC unit and patch the hole inside and out. Finished it in record time. And just about broke his back carrying this beast out of the house! 
 And we're on to late night painting! I swear it changed color about 12 times in the drying process.
 By Saturday morning the paint was dry and Pete was over to help us assemble furniture!
 And, of course, Lana did her part too. Such a good team player.

Get excited: I hope to have a full unveil ready for you later this week! WOO HOO!


Kelsey said...

Such a cute picture of Lana in her pack & play!!! love it and can't wait to see the reveal!!

Jordan said...

Lana looks like such a little girl and less baby in that last photo. Looks great so far. Loves to Lana from Auntie Jordan! xoxo

Jim said...

You two (3) are WAY too DIY for me. I break out in hives when I see a screw driver. And my father (god rest his soul) rolls over in his grave every time I hire a handyman to fix my light switch.

Good for you! But is it necessary to test so many exactly simmilar colors!?!? hahaha

Valerie said...

Considering I'm your friend and not your mother, I'm ridiculously proud of everything you guys have been doing on the house and have fabulously it's been turning out! I am also more than just a little bit jealous. Turns out my DIY and craftiness doesn't extend far beyond the sewing machine and occasional snap-together floor covering :-) Hoping someday to make it back to that coast so I can see all this first hand!