Friday, November 11, 2011

Flashback Friday

I've spent all my free time this week trying to get my new craft/storage space organized. I've been packing random boxes of stuff that's strewn across the house into totes that fit snugly in our glorious new wardrobes. So now Raf and I each have a big memory box style tote. While gathering stuff to pack the totes, I experienced some pretty awesome belly laughs, sentimental moments, and even the thrill of discovering items I thought I'd lost forever.

That experience inspired me to start a new series on the blog: Flashback Fridays. The plan is to share an old picture, or a memory inspired by some random thing I've stumbled across.

To kick things off: the koala. While unpacking boxes, Lana pulled this little koala out of a box and hugged it, just like she does with her own koala. Definitely a sentimental moment for me. This koala is one of two things I automatically associate with my Pau Pau. I'm not really sure of the story behind it. Maybe it was a gift from her? Maybe it belonged to her? I don't know. But whenever I see koala bears, I always think of her. She was the most incredible woman. She had MS and passed away when I was 4, but she was the type of person that loved ones remember so fondly. I've heard so many stories about her as a mom, a student, a teacher. And I'm so grateful to have even a few memories of my own.

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Jordan said...

I'm jealous that you got to know PauPau, even if you barely remember. But I'm also happy that you did. I've never had grandparents except G. Dal and let's face it, that hardly counts as a grandparent. I've had something that I think is better though, Auntie and Dae-dae. I wouldn't trade those two for a million grandparents, although I do wish I could've known paupau.