Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Photo Challenge. Day 18: Hair

What is there to say about the hair, really? She's nearly 19 months old and it's still barely there. She's still mistaken for a boy more often than not. And it's still coming in blonde. What are you gunna do?

I'll tell you what I'm gunna do: enjoy that I don't have to clean food out of the long hair of my MESSY eater 3 times a day!

In other news, yes, that's her fork in the shared salsa bowl. Because evidently sucking the salsa off your tortilla chip then re-dipping over and over again isn't getting the job done. I suppose it is the healthier delivery method for salsa consumption. And if you've ever tried Raf's salsa, you probably wanted to eat it with a fork too. Just admit it.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't have much more than that at her age either....and it was the same color! :) Look at your beautiful locks now! She is so stinking cute! You need to come and visit-miss you both SO much! xoxox