Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Photo Challenge. Day 22: The Last Thing You Bought

To be honest, the last thing I bought was manure. I thought I'd spare you those photos. You're welcome.

Slightly cuter, we unveiled the last thing we bought for Lana tonight. My dad heads home in the morning, so I figure I'm going to need something extra special to entertain her. She's going to be one unhappy camper without Grandpa and MOOSE! to keep her company, and I've got tons of laundry and packing to do before we head for Colorado, so I need all the distraction I can get.

Lana's been OBSESSED with buckles for the last couple months. All she wants to do is lock buckles. Which is awesome, except she's super fast and she needs you to undo the buckles for her. Listening to her scream until you walk across the house to her high chair to help is not awesome. I'd seen the Buckley Boo featured as a house favorite on the styleberry blog ages ago, so with this latest fascination, I figured it would be pretty popular around here too.

So far, so good! I'll let you know if it saves us any meltdowns tomorrow.

( I think she likes it.)

1 comment:

Jordan said...

If I wrap a bunch of buckles around myself will I get hugs and kisses too?!