Monday, November 30, 2009

Birthday Highlights: New Moon!

In case you hadn't heard (because you live under a rock), this was my birthday month. Notice the way I use the words "birthday" and "month" together like that. It's because I fully believe that birthdays are righteous enough that they should be celebrated for a full month, not just one measly little day!

I did lots of things to celebrate my birthday this month, but certainly one standout highlight was seeing the midnight showing of New Moon with the girls. Can you tell which one of us is most excited by the photo??

We kicked off the evening at Ashley's--she made pizza and we watched Twilight (my first viewing!) Then by 9:30pm it was time to head for the theater to join the other crazy teenage girls in line. We got to the theater and I thought something was wrong. There was a police car and news van parked out front...but no line. What? We couldn't be THAT early?!? Oh no, we weren't. They had the line(s) wrapped all over the hallways inside...then the super late arrivers (us) were all the way out the back door! Pretty classic. Thankfully they moved some groups into their theaters early on, so we got to spend most of the time lined up inside--then the final hour actually in our seats. Did I mention that they were showing New Moon on 9 screens and that 6 were already sold out when Ashley bought the tickets 3 weeks early...!?!? Good times!

The movie itself was as expected. Not good, but I'm totally going to watch it a million times! Watching it with a crowd of teenagers, though, was epic. I loved all the cheering and booing, and oohhhing, and gasping. You can be sure to find me in line for all future midnight showings of the series!

One quick movie-related note: based on the book series, I'm Team Edward all the way. But man, after the wonderful topless goodness of New Moon, I may have to switch to Team Jacob, just for the movies!



Valerie said...

Seems like every account I've heard about New Moon midnight showings, from the news to my cousin and aunt who attended in Denver, is almost identical. The phenomenon of Twilight saga...
So looking forward to seeing it!

Jordan said...

Umm pretty sure that guy is like 12. you, my dear sister, are a creepy perv. love.