Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Picasa!

Oh, how I've missed Picasa! Ever since I got the Macbook, I've been using iPhoto. It's great and all, don't get me wrong, but in so many ways it's just nowhere near as quick and convenient as Picasa. So, I finally decided to download Picasa on the Book tonight.

Ah, it's like heaven! I cropped all these photos, brightened them up, threw them into a collage, and uploaded them to blogger in just a few short minutes. Everything takes so many more steps from iPhoto to Blogger. The upload options from iPhoto are just too limited--time to branch out on the partnerships, Apple!!

Hopefully I'll be back to some more regular blogging now that my convenient little tool and I are back together again.

As for the collage--this is what I spent my day at home doing yesterday--getting ready for Christmas! I'm so excited to decorate our own home for the holidays. I spent Saturday night gathering mad amounts of holiday decorating ideas to my Tumblr account, then threw together these fun little frames--inspired by an Ali Edward post I remembered from a couple years back.

If anyone's interested in seeing larger individual photos of my little holiday decor collection, visit my PICASA (love!!!) album here. Now get inspired and go make your own! They're so simple! Some are just holiday cards from prior years that I liked and kept. Others are scrapbook paper with embellishments or holiday sayings added with alphabet stickers. And one you might recognize as a vintage Starbucks gift card holder!

Just for fun, I thought I'd share how ridiculously messy my workspace gets when Raf's not home to regulate...!
(How do you like our loaner dining set?? Nice, huh! It's so cool to have a kitchen table. I love how the Universe provides!)
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Tracy said...

I SOOOO recognize that teal one with the red bird in the upper right of the college. ;-) [smiles innocently]

brooke said...

Such a great card, Trace!

Vicki said...

great stuff honey!! come decorate/make some for me too!! love the table too!! :) glad you are back! xoxoxox