Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 52

The Master Bath. In need of serious remodel. Ick. It's so gross we don't even open the door to it. Ever.

So my master plan for the master bath is to have my little brother, Cory, come visit from Portland for a week or so and help Raf remodel while he's here. And, in exchange, he can have my car. Cuz he's constantly cruising a POS and I'm in the market for some new wheels anyway.

The idea is to completely gut the room, move the wall out--extending the bathroom, making room for the sink inside, and leaving us with 2 equally sized closets outside. I'm envisioning a built-in, white tiled, stand-up shower, bordering some skinny linen shelves. Then black penny tiles on the floor, a new (functioning) toilet, and the debate rages on regarding whether to pedestal sink or not to pedestal sink. I know they're impractical from a storage angle, but they're just oh-so-sexy, so we'll see.

A collection of current photos for Cory's perusal and study can be found here. Cross your fingers that I can convince him to come visit!

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