Sunday, February 21, 2010

Good Things from Design*Sponge

While on break during class (last week--yes, I'm that slow), I found lots of good eye candy on Design*Sponge. Like the kitchen it! Or the door moulding below. Big plans for moulding install this week! (Cross your fingers.)
Digging this super fun bead board and the sweet coat hanger.
And I'm SUPER stoked about this bathroom vanity find. Granted, they essentially refurbished it themselves, but this is the first non-pedestal sink I've EVER seen that I got excited about. Now the work begins to (a) convince Raf it's awesome, and (b) find a piece to work from!
Love, love, love this bouquet. Why don't boys ever bring home bouquets that look like this? Sigh. (And no, I'm not complaining about the flowers Raf does bring home. He really doesn't do that very often. Which I'm more than fine with, cuz store bought bouquets are just "eh" for me. But, oh, if they looked like this...he'd be in trouble cuz I'd want them all the time!)
Jordan--check out the fireplace grate! You need a fireplace!
And these bedding sets! Peacocky goodness! (From Dwell, I believe.)
Also in love with this little guy. I know it's not Christmastime anymore, but how cute would this look filled with little vintage ornaments?!? Finally getting around to putting away all our Christmas decor made me even more nostalgic today, I think.
Maybe I can convince Dad that it'd be a super fun project. Right after the moulding and my kitchen table, of course...

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Jordan said...

ooh love the comforters but not sure which I like more. Umm that christmas tree reminds me of some crazy barbie house, you just need to carpet it and cut some windows.