Thursday, December 9, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 329 (Nov 26)

Lana and I set out on our first solo road trip today to visit family. Eek! I was so nervous about the (typically) 6 hour drive to my Aunt's house that I'm not sure I took a breath for the first 4 hours. 

You see, Lana is not such a fan of car rides. Sometimes she's totally fine, and sometimes you'd think she was in a torture chamber. It's the usual--once she decides she's upset, the only thing that calms (distracts) her is vigorous movement--and car rides are just a little too mellow for that. But she surprised me and was a sleepy little angel until we were 10 minutes from my aunt's house! Crazy! 

I love visiting family--I get so much rest! I get to sleep in, take naps, take breaks, eat a full's amazing! And I'm pretty sure they like all that baby holding time too. :)
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Jordan said...

Auntie Val's tree looks so nice. I love Grauntie and Grunkle.