Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 337 (Dec 4)

After a morning of hanging out, looking adorable, and checking out the sales ads (she wants the pony, Daddy), we ventured out to a local craft fair.
The church was having a silent auction fundraiser in addition to the fair and this jewelry armoire was one of the items. Except evidently it's intended to protect your jewelry from medieval thieves, rather than just hold it!
More adorableness in her fancy new vest.
And check out this awesome reindeer lawn ornament my mom's neighbor built!! $40!! It's crazy how much cheaper handmade crafts are in small town Oregon. I need to be on the craft fair lookout whenever I venture that way. I picked up a few pretty sweet little items for pocket change!
I'm putting in my order for next year--I want one of these babies!

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Jordan said...

that vest is adorable and it is so like mom to buy light up reindeer. love it!