Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big Changes

Seemingly overnight, there has been a subtle, but monumental change with Lana. You know how babies always have their little fists clenched, whether it's wrapped around your finger, batting at a toy, or shoved in their mouth? Well, just this past week, Lana has morphed into open-hand girl. It's sounds simple, but the difference in her demeanor and activity is CRAZY! She now grabs for and holds onto toys, and she places her adorable little open hand gently on mine, or on my chest, or on her little knee. It's freaking adorable.

She'll be 19 weeks old this week, so I knew to expect this leap from The Wonder Weeks book (which I love), but it's so awesome to see it in action!
Now if we could just get her back to sleeping and eating like a normal kid again (instead of a rabid beast), that would be fantastic!


Jim said...

CUTE! and amazing...

Jordan said...

Lana should come visit Auntie Jordan!!