Thursday, February 3, 2011

February: Get Crafty

The second challenge from the 2011 List that I'll be taking on for the month of February is to do something creative every day. I'll be at my mom's for a couple weeks this month, and the massive card room always helps get the creative juices flowing. Plus, now that I have a huge monstrosity of an SUV to drive there, I can pack my sewing machine!

Anyway, it doesn't have to be anything huge--putting the finishing touches on a card or sewing the ties on a baby blanket will suffice. Who knows, maybe it'll actually lead to some finished projects! Or at least a nice stash of ready-to-mail cards.


Jordan said...

you have an SUV? Did I miss a post?

brooke said...

Yep. Raf bought a used Denali the first time I went to Oregon for a couple weeks. It's a ridiculous beast, but so much nicer to travel with, as far as packing and feeding her, etc. Plus, when some drunk guy rear ended me today, there wasn't even a dent....!! Oy.