Thursday, February 3, 2011

February: Take Your Vitamins

One of my focus areas for February from the 2011 List will be taking my vitamins. I know this really shouldn't be that difficult, but for some reason it's a serious struggle for me to remember to take pills. I did pretty well with my prenatal, but it was only one pill so I just kept the jar by my bed. Now, in addition to my prenatal (multi), I also take a probiotic (that's refrigerated), 3 calcium supplements (due to my dairy free diet), and 3 fish oil capsules (that are supposed to be taken throughout the day). So, keeping them by my bedside is no longer an option.

If I can remember to take the majority in the morning, it's a good day. Remembering to take the remainder throughout the day is practically unheard of!

Ideas? How do you remember to take your vitamins?

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Gena said...

Could be annoying, but you could set the alarm on your phone to go off 3 times a day. Maybe some nice music at a low volume so it won't wake baby. That is if you have a fancy phone capable of such a thing. =) After awhile, you may just get into the habit and not have to rely on the phone anymore.

Jordan said...

I never remember to take them either. I bought some vitamins a couple weeks ago, took them for 3 days and that was it. Plus, I hate how they're giant horsepills.

brooke said...

I've tried the alarm thing before with both Lana's vitamin d and my own bc with incredibly low levels of success. However we also have to give the babe meds twice a day and never forget. Guess it's just a matter of priorities? Plus her med times are attached to her wake up and bedtime routines. Maybe that's the trick...?