Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Little Miss Mischief

We have quite the personality developing over here. One that includes a healthy dose of mischief.

Exhibit A: 
Lana's not allowed to touch the lamp in the living room. But she loves it, because if you touch it, the metal cord bangs into the post--it's basically like a 6' rattle. I was sitting at the kitchen table the other morning and heard the cord start to clang, and as I started to yell my "NO!", I look over and see this. She figured out that she could push the exercise ball into the lamp post to get the effect she was going for...without touching the lamp. "I'm not touching it, Mom! I'm not touching it!!"

Exhibit B:
I knew that Lana was in the corner by the picture window, but couldn't hear her. This is strange because she's normally either yelling at the plants outside (grow tomatillos!) or banging on the window with her hammer (such a peaceful household). I immediately start to panic (silence=scary), run around the corner and find this: Lana pinching at a buzzing fly, on its last legs. Ok, Mr. Miagi...seriously?!

Never a dull moment around here.


Julia said...

OMG I love her! Also, please look at who's raising her - you didn't really expect her to sit around quietly accepting the rules, did you?!

Jordan said...

Umm...she is related to this entire side of your family. Just sayin'. I love her plump little legs, so sweet.

Jim said...

Super cute!!