Saturday, September 17, 2011

This Week

We went to the mountains with our neighbor crew last weekend. Highlights included: a 4 mile walk around a lovely little lake, which we finished just as a thunderstorm began....
...kisses, kisses and more kisses!
....and yet another rousing round of Wits and Wagers. Have you played this game?? So much fun! Trivia+betting+totally ridiculous answers from clueless players (like me)=WIN!
Lowlights from the trip: driving home at 3:30am because the Bit woke up at 11pm and COULD NOT go back to sleep. It was awful!! As in: worst horrid baby sleep experience EVER. Wondering if getting a little mattress for her pack and play would help...?? Ugh.
A couple "whatchu lookin at, Willis" faces for your viewing pleasure.
Ah, that's better!
Practicing HUUUUUGS!!! with Koala bear. (Yes, you have to say it like that!)
Playing at the park with her buddy, Jake. Lana is REALLY into sharing food this week. Unfortunately, Jake doesn't seem very excited to be on the receiving end!
Gosh, Mom! Watch the hair, would ya!!?!

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Jordan said...

Can I be the koala bear?