Wednesday, July 1, 2009

1 Month Countdown

I have to realize how MIA and distracted I've been when not only am I getting a slough of messages about my pathetic blog showing lately, but when I also got multiple reminders about today being the 1 month countdown when I barely remembered myself! (Raf had no clue, btw.)

I'm going to work on climbing back on the blog wagon this weekend, as I'm looking forward to spending it at home. It's just been difficult to stay on top of things--especially because the computer was not plugged in for a good chunk of time while the floor work was happening. The electronics have recently found a temporary home in the guest bedroom--sorry, no room for guests--but at least I can blog again!

I desperately need to get back into list mode--especially considering we only have one month to get things done! Super high priority will be:

  • Find Raf a ring! Totally forgot about this one.
  • Go get a marriage license. Be sure it should be done in Alameda County before taking the time off to go to Oakland in the middle of the day.
  • Finalize the rentals list.
  • Schedule a makeup trial for the week of the wedding.
  • Work out our ceremony. Going to visit Uncle Cool this weekend.
  • Put together a day-of itinerary.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner & get the word out asap.
  • Choose placecard design for my lovely mother (and sister?) to put together.
  • Figure out table number design. And cupcake table look.
  • Finalize RSVPs and invites.

We have gotten some things accomplished since the last list. At least I like to tell myself that! Many more updates on the past month to come...promise!

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Gina said...

Yay! Can't wait! Your list is definitely getting shorter, good job!