Sunday, July 12, 2009

Still Time

We are SO excited to announce that Still Time will be providing the musical entertainment at our wedding!! Still Time is a local San Luis band. We got our first taste of their goodness last year. We celebrated Jin Ho's birthday at Downtown Brew (formerly SLO Brew for those of you who don't get there much anymore) and Still Time was playing. We had such a great time that night. Raf had a few cocktails and danced the night away solo! They're just THAT good! (Don't worry, I was up & grooving too, but Raf needed more space beyond the wall of our table for this goodness.)

I'll be honest--it wasn't an easy decision to hire a band. Especially one that's not going to play cover songs all night. But it came down to this--the price for hiring a DJ is not so much different than hiring a band. And while I fully believe in the value of an excellent DJ...we couldn't find one. The ones we'd heard good things about were already booked. And there are just too many bad DJs to risk it. So here was our logic--first, we'd rather pay to support artists, and second, we LOVE Still Time! The scary part is that so few of our guests are familiar with their music. But we figured hey--we were hard core fans after two songs, so hopefully you will be too. And this was the one area where we decided: you know what--this is our day. And if Still Time is there, we know we'll have a great time!

So we're letting you know that Still Time will be playing for 2 reasons. One--because we're super freaking stoked! And two--because we want to give you a few weeks to get familiar with their goodness so you can jam with us! The official Still Time website is here, you can listen to the music on the Media page. Or simply head to their MySpace page for all kinds of musical wonderfulness.

Some of my faves: 9 to 5, The Fortune, Old Soul, Come Alive, High Tide, Power of Now, Girl I've Always Loved. But let's be real here--it's all good, so GO LISTEN! Head to iTunes and grab either album--they're both well worth the money. It's time to become a fan, friends!


Jordan said...

yay! I'm all for live bands. Oh hey, I have some music I need to send your way too that I think you'll like. love you!

Jordan said...

I went and checked out their website, good choice. I liked them a lot. I also blog stocked them. Work was really boring today apparently.

Danielle said...

soooooo excited! i cant wait to see you and Oh my gosh its going to be at your wedding!!!

Ken Kienow said...

the album is now in my daily listen. they are SOOOO good!

Jordan said...

okay, did I seriously spell stalked "stocked"? ugh. What is the world coming to?