Saturday, July 25, 2009

One Week Countdown! week! Good news--I'm not having a panic attack today. Actually, I'm super excited! YAY!

We're finally starting to make some good progress on the millions-o-projects front. Thankfully, we've had lots of help! Our friends, Jamie and Michael, came over this week to help us polish the forks...then took all our dishes with them to wash! Lifesavers!! We finally finished cleaning out the votives we're borrowing from ACS...what a task that was! Raf is missing some flesh in the aftermath, resulting from a very ugly incident with a boxcutter, but at least he still has all his fingers. The twinkle light collection is coming along swimingly. Jules is helping us track down sign holders. Lisa picked up extra fans in Chinatown. The cupcake liners have been distributed. Jars have been de-labeled. Nena visited a rockin flower farm in Nipomo (thanks to the reference from fellow Flying Caballos bride, Cat) where we'll source our table flowers, easing the anxiety of having to deal with Farmer's Market. The rental order is just about finalized.

Whew! We're doing good! Still plenty to do, but we're feeling good about the progress. Can't wait to share it with everyone NEXT WEEK!!!
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Sarah said...

Hi Brooke,

I found your blog through Ken Kienow's wesbite, which I found through my search for The Flying Caballos Ranch. I absolutely adore this property and want to have my wedding there too! I am having major issues contacting the owners. I've emailed and left messages but no one is getting back to me. Any way you can help me get in touch with the owners? BTW - your wedding photos have been such an inspiration for my wedding. And you've brought Still Time into my life - which we are now hoping to have them play at our wedding. We're going to check them out live in Hollywood tonight! I'd appreciate any help! Thanks.


Jordan said...

Wow Brooke, maybe you can be a wedding planner or author of a wedding blog or book. :)