Monday, August 31, 2009

Ashley's BASHelorette

I was in Vegas for Ashley's Big Bachelorette this past weekend! Woo Woo. The good times included table service at Prive, pool time, dealing with customer service at the Venetian, and Thunder from Down Under!! Classic memories, to be sure. Here are a few photo faves...

Btw, everybody swore my tights were not see through before I left the room. Guess I shoulda tested with flash first!

If you weren't already aware, I {heart} Phantom. Everytime we'd get in the elevator at the hotel, I'd hush everyone so I could hear the sweet elevator music!

Ashley and her "television star" crush--Thad, from The Young and the Restless. I'm pretty sure she's the only person under 50 in America that knows his real name!

And a shortlist of my Favorite Things About Vegas:
  1. Best. People. Watching. On. Earth.
  2. No lines in the ladies room in clubs.
  3. Blackout curtains.
  4. Police officers that go from ready to arrest your friend to a 20 minute long chat about opening a burrito cart on the Strip in 7 seconds flat.
  5. $17 poolside nachos.
  6. The handstand move in Thunder.
  7. The bald guy in Thunder. (Don't tell Raf!)

Who's ready to get married?!? ASHLEY IS! :) Huge thanks to Jules and Trace for taking care of planning everything--you girls rocked it (spreadsheets and all!)


Kelsey said...

i am telling you...they would make a FORTUNE selling burritos on the strip...

Tracy said...

I think the pull-up on the ladders is what put me over the edge at Thunder... oh yeah, and the blonde guy...he helped. :)