Monday, August 31, 2009

Painting & Potter

I was on furlough last week, so painting the house and finishing Harry Potter consumed my life. Mom came to town for the week (cuz she's a rock star) to help me paint the inside of the house. We pulled good 12 hour days Sunday through Wednesday in order to finish in time (and still have a day for Ikea, of course!) We finished all the communal areas, except the studio--which we'll be hiring someone with a spray gun to take care of (way too many nooks and crannies in those rafters to deal with!)

Nothing too exciting decor-wise--it's white. Really, really white. It was just as white before, but now it's CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN white! It's so refreshing to come home to a house that looks clean and bright. I'm stoked to finally have all that ick that belonged to other people covered! Unfortunately, I have no photos to share--too busy working to remember the camera. Lame. Once I'm home during the daylight, I'll snap a shot of the gleaming white to share tho!

Once we were done with our long days of painting, I'd head for bed and another 2-4 hours of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows. Oh Harry. It's only been a few days and I already miss you so. I really think I can attribute getting through the last year of wedding planning without having a nervous breakdown to Harry Potter. I'd be exhausted and overwhelmed at the end of countless days, but Harry was always waiting for me--ready to instantly pull me out of my own life. Thank goodness for Harry Potter. Now I just need to find a slough of additional dependably amazing reads for every other overwhelming life situation that's sure to come. Suggestions?

Good news--despite the loss of Harry Potter, I still have 2 things to look forward to: the movies & Twilight! Oh yes, ladies, I already picked up the first book from the library.


Jennifer Smith said...

I just finished the Twilight series. You are going to love it. Get ready forL

- late nights b/c you don't want to put the book down
- almost getting hit by cars on your way across the street as you try to sneek a couple pages in on oyur walk to the office.
- lunch crumbs in your book

I have yet to start the Harry Potter series. I think I will start it up when I get out to CA as my sisters own them all.

Jordan said...

Brooke, mom has all the twilight books, you could just borrow the entire series. They're alright. A little predictable and the writing quality is far below what Rowling did with HP. But they're still enjoyable.

Valerie said...

I'm a total Twilight addict freak. Have been through the whole series. A couple times. There's just something about Edward (I frequently wanted to throttle Bella).

The movie in comparison is horrible. Hoping they redeem themselves with the next one if they're going to continue translating the page to the screen.

And Jordan's right in that there will not be any great literary awards nor will this put Stephanie Meyer on any Classic Literary Author lists, ever. But as a good read, I was consumed (as were my mother, aunt, and cousin (who started this chain of vampire addiction amongst my family)!