Monday, August 31, 2009

Bachelorettes: Two Times the Fun!

While we're on the subject of Bachelorette goodness, I think it's about time I post a few highlights of my own. Because I'm spoiled, I got not one, but two mini Bachelorette weekends! There was no way to find just one weekend when so many of my favorite girls would be free to travel, so instead, we split them up. It was perfect.

For the first weekend, Kaylie, Ashley and I road tripped to San Luis. I needed to do a trial hair appointment--I'm pretty sure they just wanted an excuse for Firestones! :) Three of my other favorite ladies in all the land already live there--Nena, Allyson, and Danielle. It was so great to spend even a little bit of time with all these girls.

Breakfast beverages at the the days before I realized that coffee and champagne were tearing my stomach apart. (Wah.)

New friends!
Purple Power!
Someday all of my friends will live in the same neighborhood. No seriously, it could totally happen.
The second dose of Bachelorette goodness was spent in the City. It was Father's Day weekend (and my dad was here installing underlayment), so we couldn't venture too far. We went out for a night of yummy noshing at a clean, bright, and spacious (who knew!) restaurant in North Beach, then headed for my favorite bar--The Bubble Lounge. It's such a classic place to get a table and people watch. And this time I got to spend a night out with two more of my favorite girls--Jules and Lisa. We were only missing Alia...damn Kajal and her babymaking!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever taken. Ever! Nena's toasting the magnum(!!!) of champagne we ordered at the end of the night. Yes, we're complete idiots. The 5 of us were already 4 bottles deep when ordered this one (making it what...5, 6, maybe 7?!? Oy.)

Thanks so much, girls, for being in my life. Love you all!

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Jordan said...

I think I have champagne poisoning. Best morning after text EVER. love you!