Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vote for Still Time!

I know you're all fans of Still Time, now that you've had the chance to witness them rock our wedding! Show your love by hitting up this site to vote for them in the Battle of the Bands. The winning band will get to play South by Southwest in Austin, TX in 2010. (And I'm pretty sure if they win, we need to get tickets...Vacation!)

You can vote once per day, per email address--so bookmark it, people!

And while you're voting, check out the OrigAudio eco-friendly speakers. Don't those look badass? You get a $6 off coupon for voting, so I might just have to order some so I can finally get some tunes in my office!

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OriBlogio said...


Thanks for writing about our OrigAudio speakers and Still Time. We really hope they win.

And definetly buy some speakers, they'll keep you occupied all day at work. And if you use coupon code "Still Time" at check out it raises money for the band, and you get some awesome speakers for $10.00

-Your OrigAudio Team