Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I found this in my bedroom yesterday. And my heart melted. At some point, Lana had taken her boots out of the drawer where I'd put them away, and had put them away herself. {Sigh.} Sometimes I'm overwhelmed by her cuteness. And my love for her.

Excuse the blur in these photos. She caught me taking the picture above and ran in to claim her property, so she caught me a bit off guard. But, I figure, your need for a cuteness update is more important than my annoyance with bad focus. ;)

By the way, I know I haven't given a "what's she doing now" update in forever, but my goodness, she understands EVERYTHING. She probably has for ages, but now we can tell! So, when I tell her to go get her boots, she pops up with a panicked look in her eyes like "oh crap! my boots! hurry! find them! before she leaves without me!!" And then she goes and gets them! Just one of the many adorable things that is making this such an awesome stage.


Jordan said...

Oh sweet little girl, Auntie Jordan misses you so much! Keep you eye out for a box I mailed today.

Julia said...

Ahhhh! Such a little bundle of wonderfulness!

BF said...

Those tiny boots are adorable, and so are those pictures!