Thursday, January 5, 2012

Getting Acquainted

Have I mentioned what bad parents we are? We're the ones who didn't get a gift for our child for Christmas. Nope, not one. We packaged up a new coat on Christmas morning so that she wouldn't feel left out, but I didn't actually buy it as a gift.

I may be a terrible gifter, but I'm not a terrible person. I decided (before Christmas!) that I wanted to make a snuggly new blanket for Solana, but I couldn't track down the right minky (darn seasonal colors!) I had packed both the flowered cotton I had planned to use, and this Goldilocks print I adore to Oregon, hoping that I would have better luck minky shopping there. Well, no luck on that front, but Lana quickly adopted the Goldilocks print as her own after pulling it out of a box one day.

Judging by her reaction to the fabrics when I laid them out on the floor yesterday to work on the blanket, I think she's still a fan! So far, we know it's good for...

...identifying bears,

...downward facing dog,


....and snuggling, of course!

Now to turn it into a completed blanket! (Though it will likely not be nearly as interesting then.)


Bryn said...

Dude. Where's my human sized blanket? I'm a small human, so maybe this will be a good test. Bigger than a baby blanket, smaller than a full human blanket.

Jordan said...

Lots of families are trying to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness and only giving their kids one or two presents. Lana loves her coat, so I think she's happy! Plus, the uncles spoiled her!

brooke said...

Haha, Bryn! I love that you call them "human" sized! No wonder you're not on the kid train...darn little aliens! :) hehehehe