Monday, January 30, 2012

What Does a Bear Say?


One of our favorite books is Bear Snores On. If you're not familiar, the plot goes something like this: a motley crew of woodland creatures gathers for an impromptu party in Bear's lair while he's hibernating. Then, "...a small pepper fleck makes the bear...."

For the past few days, Lana's been cracking up at Bear's sneeze. Then, yesterday, we were flipping through another book and when she saw this teddy bear, she said, "aaahh-TEW" 

Um...ok? Raf and I looked at each other, and I asked, "do you think she thinks that a sneeze is the sound a bear makes??!" Well, after another reading of Bear Snores On later that morning, it was confirmed. I'd point to Bear and ask, "what does Bear say", and she'd promptly respond, "aaahh-TEW!" Stinking cute. 


Kelsey said...

um, I am dying. that is too cute!!!

Michael and Jamie Gardea said...

This is too flippin cute!!!