Saturday, November 15, 2008

Collections: Tableware

Warning: This is a long one!

Go ahead, call me crazy. We've decided to thrift some of our tableware rather than renting it. I originally got the idea to thrift the plates for our reception from Big Sur Wedding, and the more I thought about it, the more fun it sounded! Here's my reasoning:

It will cost us about $.50 per plate and per piece(!) of silverware to rent them = $2 per person for plate, fork, knife & spoon. We've decided on a thrifting price limit of $1 per plate and $.25 per piece of silverware = $1.75 maximum. Thus, I'm saving money! Ok, all that effort to save $.25 per person is ridiculous, I know that. However, by thrifting, we're supporting organizations that support the community, as most thrift shops benefit homeless shelters, etc.

Also--it's freaking fun! I was feeling a little deflated after the first gown shopping experience, so my mom & sister decided to hit up a bunch of thrift stores in Medford on our way home. (Side note--wow, you've never seen a better town to thrift, we hit/passed at least 8 stores in about a 2 mile trip!) Lucky for me, the first shop we stopped at was a gold mine! We picked up at least 8 dishes there, as well as a hefty handful of cute silverware. Thus, it was there that the decision was made to take on the challange, and it was there that we established our price limit.

Then, amazingly, the next 5 or so stores we hit up ALL had dishes to add to the collection! Basically, it ended up being a lot easier to find the type of dishes I was looking for than I expected--we ended the day with 26 plates and I passed up more than a few. Now just cross your fingers that I'll have as much luck closer to home.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in joining in the fun?? C' know you wanna! If so, here are the parameters:

  • Plates: we're collecting vintage stoneware-style plates--the heavy ones, not those thin, light white ones found in all our grandparents cabinets. All the ones we've found have a beige-ish base color and some sort of good time design in the middle (no blank centers). Remember, our price limit is $1 per dish. We found a few gorgeous collectables closer to $5, but a limit is a limit (mom!)

  • Silverware: we're collecting forks, knives and spoons. There's no real method to our madness, just stuff we thought was fun. It's all been totally miscellanous to this point (we haven't found any sets). None of it is fine dining status--just everyday old school goodness--not too heavy, not too light. Again, our price limit on silverware is $.25 per piece.

  • Canning Jars: I was also hoping to thrift pint size canning jars to use as water glasses. However, what I've learned so far is: people who can are also people who thrift! Every store we visited was wiped of jars and the ladies laughed when we asked. They said the minute they hit the shelves they're gone again. (Damn me for sending half a dozen to the thrift store a couple years ago!) Anyway, I don't think we'll reach the 120-ish mark by thrifting jars, so I'm thinking of skipping that one. However, if you see some in your thrifting endeavors--go ahead and grab them! We can still intermingle them with the Patron bottles for flowers--and I just love them, so I'll probably keep them afterwards anyway! Not sure what to name as the price limit since I didn't find a single one, so just keep me posted on the deals you find!
Here are some (terribly shadowed) shots of the 9 styles we have so far:
Check out some of the awesomeness collected by other brides to be. This first shot is from Lena Corwin (loving these!), the second was found on Once Wed and shows shots from both Lena and Big Sur Wedding:


Jordan said...

I hit up the goodwill in ashland. Found 2 plates. No silverware. We're up to 28 plates now.

lindsey said...

I'll join in. Get friends and family to save jars from Trader Joes. We moved to nearly all "can jars" for glasses and I love it! We're at our limit, so I'll save new ones for you. Will also be on the lookout for dinnerplates as I love this. We used vintage salt and pepper shakers (my grandmothers) and I loved that look too.

Don't forget about garage sales. Great random silverware found there.

Jordan said...

So today since my Physics class was canceled I went to a Goodwill and picked up 5 plates and 29 knives. Also a few random forks and spoons, I can't remember exactly how many.

Haystack said...

Hey Brooke,

I thought you'd have a birthday post for today concidering according to Danny this is #30. Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Birthday!! If you do post one for your birthday this comment is meant to got there!


Anonymous said...

Hey lady,
Is this crazy: We do this together and BOTH use the plates...and SHARE the cost?!
Call or e-mail me. I can start searching/scoopin' up plates and silver TOMORROW. I'm on it.


brooke said...

Kate-Of course! Sharing is caring! I was planning to ask you if you wanted to use them, but wasn't sure if it was too wacky for your taste.

And of course you can join in the search! I wasn't sure you guys would be driving down? Figured a hundred pounds of dishes might be a little spendy in the carry on. :)

Anyway, we can keep a running tab here in the comments if you want. I need to re-calculate the silverware after our move, but for plates it looks like we're at 33. How many guests are you guys expecting? We're guessing around 120 at this point.

Woo hoo--thrifting! Have fun--and send me pics of what you find! :)

Anonymous said...

Got my mom and her friend in on this. We've got 19 total now amongst us. That puts us over 50 at least!

Also, I was looking through silverware at a Goodwill and there was tons of nice-looking old-timey silverware- like the real deal- stuff that would actually look pretty fancy if we polished them up. And they were the same price as all the rest. So I grabbed 5 sets.

Yay! I'll take pictures and send you the link.

Anonymous said...

The above was from me.


Anonymous said...

check out the goods here:

tell me what you think about the silverware I got. Have you been gathering such fancy stuff? This kind would be adorable polished up. And there are tons more where I bought them.


Jordan said...

I posted some pics on my blog of what I hae found so far.

Anonymous said...

hey brooke,

kind of a random question from a future bride in SLO. how in the heck did you clean all these plates and what did you do with them afterward? did the caterer take care of that for you?

thanks, and great wedding posts!

~ lb

brooke said...

Hey lb-Sorry for the lag response. For some reason this comment went to an email account I don't use anymore!

I still have most of the plates. I plan on using them as outdoor dining plates in the summertime. :) And I'm sure I'll just send the ones I don't love back to good will.

As for cleaning--the caterer scraped and rinsed, then we washed them all ourselves the following morning. We got married at a rental home, so we had it for a few days. Lots of work, but I had lots of help!

I'm sure your caterer would wash them if you paid them to do it.

Happy Wedding!