Monday, November 24, 2008

Engaged: Andy & Shannon!

It's madness, madness, I say! We're celebrating yet another engagement, this time Andy and Shannon! You all know Andy. Andy's been around since the beginning--long before "Brooke & Raf: The Couple", back in the days of "Brooke: Raf & Andy's Pledge Ed". Andy was also our roommate for a couple years--good times, filled with non-stop political debates. :)

Anyway, almost exactly one year ago I spotted (I wouldn't say "met") Shannon for the first time. After a Livermore wine tour to celebrate Julia, Bryan and my birthdays, we grabbed some food at the restaurant where Shannon worked (one of many in the lot where we were parked, but Andy was only interested in one--surprise, surprise). I would say this was still during the courtship period--in other words, Andy was in hot pursuit, Shannon was making no commitments!

And yet--just one short year later, they're making the commitment of a lifetime! I've never seen Andy more content, and I am SO happy for them! Congrats you guys. Looking forward to many years of doggie chat, political debates, and backyard barbecues!

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