Friday, November 7, 2008

Cool to be American

Knowing I would appreciate it, my friend, Val (the pregnant expat in India I recently told you about), forwarded this article to me: "Suddenly it may be cool to be American again".

This simple article brought tears to my eyes. As much as I love to travel, being identified as American abroad is rarely a fun experience. This is a huge reason why I'm so excited about what happened this week. Not only does it restore the hope of many Americans, it also restores faith in us as a country, as a people, to others around the world. Finally, the rest of the world can relate to us, respect us, and wish us well again.

It's a very good week.

Note: the photo above is from a protest rally in Georgia (the country).

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Kristen said...

I teared up when I read this story a few days ago, too. I don't know if you ever read my blog post while I was living in Vienna, about the altercation I had on the subway with some individuals who weren't very pleased with America. On a deeply personal level, it was remarkable to see the change in the way people see us. Sorry I missed your call this weekend. We'll catch up soon!