Monday, November 24, 2008

Goodbye Apt 345.

The apartment, not the blog. Had you worried though, didn't I?

Now that Raf and I work just a few miles apart, it no longer made sense to commute 35 minutes each way once our lease was up. So we said a fond farewell to Apt 345 in Fremont yesterday. What will I miss? Dinners on the patio overlooking the lawn and huge trees. The orientation of my project desk, directly behind the couch--so I could craft and watch movies at the same time. Being across the street from the best scrapbook store in the Bay. All the super yummy Indian food.

What am I excited about at the new place? Storage space galore. 1-2 mile commutes. Resuming Neighbor Nites. In-house laundry (I've done 4 loads in 24 hours). Walking to the movies. High ceilings. Being 35 minutes closer to Livermore.

And in response to the question of the hour: what's going to happen to the blog name now that we no longer live in Apt 345? Nothing. It was our first solo place together. It was where we were living when he asked and I said yes.

Plus, I just like the name. :)

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Kristen said...

So, um, when are you going to send out your new address? :)