Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Gown Goodness

While in Ashland with my mom and sister this weekend, I visited my first two bridal boutiques. Somebody congratulate me--I didn't even get sick! The first place was terrible--I didn't see even one dress I liked enough to try on--but in an effort to be a good sport, I still put on a whole pile of hideousness.

I can't believe they talked me into hitting up David's Bridal later in the weekend. The good news is, they did, and it wasn't bad! I tried on multiple dresses that I enjoyed. Of course, I didn't buy one (sorry folks, I'm just not that girl) but at least I was feeling more confident that finding a reasonably priced gown that suits me will be doable. Unfortunately, I can't copy good pics off of the David's website, but here are a few of the gowns I tried and liked (click on the individual photos to see full-size images on their website). My favorite of the day is brand new, so it's not posted yet.

This one is mom's favorite. If I was getting married on the beach, I think it would be mine too, but I'm just not sure.

This one made me HAPPY! I love the playfulness of the tea length. And it's on clearance for $250! So tempting.
And, in the spirit of Gown Goodness, this is the dress Gina chose for her wedding. My favorite from David's is (not surprisingly) similar. Totally different cut/styling (the one I tried is much more simple) but both are lace from head to toe in the vintage ivory on champagne colors. So classic, so feminine, so pretty. Gina is going to look amazing. Yay for girls who can try & buy in one day!

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