Friday, May 29, 2009

Lessons of Homeownership

We're just over 1 week in to actually living in the new home. Lessons learned thus far:

Sometimes it sucks. Like when your friend finds a dead squirrel in your backyard. And then you have to figure out how to take care of it. And this is the reason you purchase your first shovel. Sad day.

Sometimes it's silly. Like when you're in your front yard falling bamboo with a hacksaw. 15 foot tall bamboo that didn't exist when you purchased the house a few weeks ago.

Sometimes it's wonderful. Like when your neighbors bring you fresh baked bread to welcome you to the neighborhood.

And it's always, always, exhausting.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, it just seems that way now cause there is so much to do-its also very rewarding take some time this weekend to just sit & enjoy your deck & catch your breath - it does not all have to be done today xoxo

lindsey said...

ahhh, did our little squirrel friend with the big testicles and scraggly tail bite the bullet??

Jordan said...

you could've skinned the squirrel and made your sunday soup from it. kidding.

Anonymous said...

Tangerine beer and a deck...ah yes...thinking of you. Consider yourself hugged. ox xo AV et al