Sunday, May 31, 2009

Grey Sunday Morning

Sometimes I love a quiet, grey Sunday morning. Because it's grey, I don't feel guilty getting lost in blogs rather than in the backyard tending to something.

I love the random chain of discovery you can find daily in the creative blogger world. I started this morning following a link from a regular Etsy email, to their Get the Look Decor series. This week they featured the barn turned house conversion done by Maya*Made and her mother. Maya*Made is quite familiar to me--it's from her blog that I was first inspired to collect coffee sacks to create the table runners for the wedding. (Still working on that idea, btw.)

After perusing the goodness on Maya*Made for some time, I linked to Beelieve. Maya had sent a gift package to her--covered in a beautiful bee image she had created. The first post I read on Beelieve was about a painting she had created for a Relay For Life auction, so I was immediately hooked.

While perusing her archives, I found this image:

We shoulda bought the box, Mom! We found a rockin little antique shop in Ashland last weekend. Mom got two new dining chairs and I got an awesome vintage ironing board for use at the wedding, and as a bar on the deck in the future!

And we're sharing these camp cups that reminded us of the chinese serving bowls I grew up with.

And I couldn't pass up this grey leaf mosaic dish.

Anyway, back to the blog chain. So then Beelieve has posted this Lisa Hannigan I Don't Know video. I already love this song (via Starbuck's free weekly goodness), but had never seen the video. But this is the second Lisa Hannigan posting I've noticed on blogs, so I decided to watch this one. So great! I actually choked up at the sight of the closing shot. Gorgeous.

So then I watched a couple more Lisa Hannigan videos--which led me to the realization that she's the woman you always see with Damien Rice, who I love. Remember The Blower's Daughter, from the movie Closer? I still want to cry everytime I hear that song. Ok, so then a bunch more Damien vidoes. Which leads me to Ray LaMontague. Who I also love. Which leads me to his cover of Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. OH MY GOD. So good!

Which leads me to Paolo Nutini. Who I love. (Are you noticing a trend?) Which leads me to Matt Nathanson singing Come On Get Higher, which I first fell in love with when Sugarland covered it. Which leads me to Ingrid Michaelson. Who I love. Which leads me to DMB. No need to even mention that love! (But if you're a DMB fan, follow that last link. It's to the Pandora site where the entire new album is there for you to preview. Two more days!)

Happy lazy Sunday mornings to you.

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