Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Oregon 150 Challenge

While I threaten it a lot, I'm not sure I could ever actually leave California's sunshine and golden hills. However, I really do love Oregon. (And Washington for that matter, but that's beside the point.) While perusing the goodness on the Sunset website tonight, I noticed an ad for The Oregon 150 Challenge.

Evidently Oregon is celebrating its 150th year and is encouraging Oregonians to show their pride by getting to know their state. Fun idea. Since most of my family lives in Oregon, I think someone should take the Challenge (visit 5 destinations, from different categories, in at least 2 regions, for the chance to win travel packages). I could probably meet the Challenge as fast as they could, but being a Californian, I don't think I'm eligible!

I'm totally digging the web design. Super cute. If only it were more functional/readable. Maybe it's just cause my computer sucks?


Rhiannon - Travel Oregon said...

Of course you're eligible for the challenge! If you love Oregon as much as we do - then we invite you to take the challenge. So, hop in the car and come on up - it's perfect weather for a road trip!

Jordan said...

I've traveled oregon. It is BEAUTIFUL and takes many many hours. I've driven all the way from the Coast to the border of Idaho and from the border or CA to the border of Idaho. I think I'm good.