Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Scraping Begins

We got started with scraping later than expected today. Raf's long morning of golf, Lowe's irritations, and this lone piece of wood set us back a bit. This framing will go down in history. Pulling it out resulted in holes in the wall, a broken hammer, a broken light, and a few moments of wanting to kill each other. Raf had to resort to digging out nail heads with a screwdriver to pull this thing out. It was ridiculous--put in with a gun using 3" nails, not to mention a couple unexpected extras through the ceiling! All this to hang a couple light weight screens.

Number one lesson learned today: use screws rather than nails to affix things to your walls--you (or your predecessor) will appreciate it someday!

Once the scraping actually began, it went pretty smooth. It requires more water than I expected, so I'm glad we borrowed Dad's big pressure sprayer, rather than going the spray bottle route. Boy is it a mess!

This is what dinner looks like these days. I'm not complaining though--there's no better place to enjoy a burger than on the awesome deck of your new home!

As for what was accomplished today:

  • Successfully removed the screen frame nightmare.
  • Returned stupid ladder to Lowe's; exchanged for a small scaffolding bench (best move yet), a new hammer, and an awesome ratcheting screwdriver with 12 heads that store in the handle (so I can feel spoiled).
  • Covered most floors in plastic (after traipsing popcorn throughout the house).
  • Scraped the ceilings of the 3 bedrooms.
  • Removed ceiling fixtures in the hallway. Noted severe need to dust the huge heating duct.
  • A bit of backyard exploration and cleanup--pulling fallen limbs and gathering debris.

We also discovered the genius of the 3 week overlap with our apartment--hot tub access! The aches are beginning to kick in, so I expect we'll be taking advantage of that as much as possible over the next few weeks!


Jordan said...

Those are some sexy gloves Raf is wearing.

Myles F. Corcoran said...

Well done