Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our White Walls

I know you were deprived of pictures in my previous painting post, so I thought I'd share a few shots of our gorgeous gleaming walls with you now that I have this lovely new machine to organize all my photos!It's so fabulous to have decades worth of nasty kitchen grease stains covered!
Raf and "The Corner":
Next step: Floors! Dad's coming down the first weekend in October to help us lay them. Can't wait!
Actually, I guess the floors aren't quite the next step. First we have to get the studio room painted. We'll be hiring someone to take care of this...sooner than later!
Guess who loves wedding gifts? This Girl! SUPER excited about our shiny new bamboo dish strainer! Yes people, it's the little things...


Kelsey said...

so, when you were describing your house, I was imagining total disarray. but from the pitcure of your "living room" your house looks more put together than ours....see you at the wedding!!

brooke said...

Thanks Kelsey! It's getting there. But keep in mind, it looked like this just a few short months ago: