Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Puppy Love

So, we're not technically in the market for a puppy at the moment, but I've loved Shiba Inus since the very first time I saw one. They're the perfect blend of not too big/not too small, and the fox look is bad ass enough that Raf could hold his head high on a walk.

We were hanging out with one at Kelli's Labor Day bbq, and her brother-in-law was telling us that it's quite the little rodent hunter. He called "MICE" at the dog and it was immediately on the most intense hunt! Considering our house's historical rat/mouse issues, I was pretty stoked about this perk.

That was, until there was yet another squirrel homicide on our property last weekend. A neighborhood cat came cruising across our fence with one in it's mouth....UGH! Worst house ever for the poor little guys! And now I'm worried that a Shiba Inu would be just a bit too excited to call our backyard home!

Maybe a mini Labradoodle instead? Gina's Nika is adorable, but I definitely can't handle the full-size version! These guys are cuties tho!

I think this one belongs to Perez Hilton...
Or how about this awesome little Chi Poo?!?! Something tells me Raf would be less than agreeable, but seriously...does it get cuter than this??

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lindsey said...

how's about i help you find a suitable dog from a shelter??... you give me details on what you want, i'll be on the lookout for you from ARF. first puppy/doggie session free!