Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Shoes

Let's be honest--no conversation about the dress would be complete without mention of the shoes! I love these shoes. They're comfortable, they're romantic, they're pretty, and, of course, they're RED!

Most people fretted when they first heard my shoes were red. Some didn't realize that it's now considered perfectly acceptable to wear non-white shoes. Others were comfortable with color...just maybe not red!

But not me. I knew the minute I chose the dress that I wanted red shoes. Not patent leather, cherry-red, street walker shoes, mind you. Deep red ones, in a romantic fabric, with a girly twist.

I found the perfect ones at Nordstrom. Thank goodness for prom! Oh, just admit it, you still shop in the Junior's section there too. Who doesn't love a little BP goodness?! What I didn't know is that they have BP shoes...score! I still can't believe how squishy and silky and comfy these were. Perfect find, to be sure.

To any brides out there shoe shopping, I highly encourage colorful shoes! It brings an element of fun and a dash of style. I love photos like the ones below, where the shoes weren't the focus of the shot--but the unexpected splash of red still catches the eye.

And, of course, best of all is that you can wear them again and again! You better believe you'll be seeing these babies over the holidays!

The only problem with the little beauties is that they had a good 3.5" heel. That's an average heel height for me--but at 5'10", I'm no average sized girl! Raf maintained good posture throughout the day, so we did alright, but when it came to dancing with Pops, the shoes had to go--I just couldn't handle towering above him!

After that, the shoes found their home on top of the Sweetheart Table for the rest of the night, while I enjoyed flip flops and grass dancing!

You might also remember the Bridal Brigade woes over finding the perfect yellow shoe. I'm happy to report that we found the perfect little Marc Jacobs number at Macy's. Amazingly--each and every one of them loved them! (That was a feat I was sure would be impossible!)

Don't let this photo fool you. While they may look like flats here (with everyone sunk into the dirt), these puppies had a 4.5" heel! Thankfully, each of them mastered the walk up the aisle, and the dance down it, without injury--before quickly switching into flats! True heel height seen here:

Yay for wardrobes full of re-wearable, colorful, peep toes!

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