Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 365 Project: Day 121

Some projects and goodness from the weekend. This one is clearly not made by me, but Wow was it good! Chocolate cream pie, made by my Uncle Beve. It was RICH and yummy!
Look who finally has ears! I've decided to keep this little guy for my own itty bitty, so I'm hoping to get it some eyes by September!
I even got to go to my Mom's Card Club! Look at all this good loot!
And I also finally finished my sister's Christmas present. I tried to convince her that it was her birthday present (since it's this month and she already got a WAY cooler Christmas present), but that didn't seem to be flying.
It's a fabric covered embroidery hoop bulletin board constructed by yours truly, with fabric chosen by the little sister.
It's amazing how productive I can be with some free time, eh?

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